Our Mission

Mission Statement

Under God’s guidance we strive, with the help and support of the Greater San Antonio Christian community, to end abortion in San Antonio while connecting those who are post abortive to healing and reconciliation services. We are a resource for those who choose life, offering loving and truthful alternatives to abortion. We stand peacefully and prayerfully in front of abortion clinics, offering sidewalk counselors to those in crisis pregnancies, and witnessing in the public squre to the injustice of abortion.

Our Impact

Since our founding in 2007, we have helped hundreds of mothers choose life for their babies. These are just the ones we know about. Oftentimes mothers in crisis never go to their abortion appointment, or they see us praying in front of the facilities and never pull into the parking lot. There are many stories we'll never know.

In 2009 we caught Planned Parenthood in San Antonio performing abortions without a license to do so. This resulted in thousands of dollars in fines and lost income.

In April of 2012 one of the oldest abortion providers in San Antonio - Reproductive Services - closed its door forever. Through God's mercy and power, within months the property was purchased and transformed into a Korean Bible Church. Praise God!

Under the umbrella of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, SACFL has created a Sidewalk Intern program in which young adults cover the sidewalk to offer life-affirming options and information.  They are present on the sidewalk every hour that Planned Parenthood is open.  Since its inception in February of 2020, the interns have distributed over 1000 gift bags to clients and referred over 120 clients to pregnancy care centers for free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. 

These local success wouldn't have happened without you. Friends and supporters like you are God's instrument on the frontlines of this battle. THANK YOU!

How can I get involved?

There are a couple different way you can get involved in the fight against abortion here in San Antonio.

  • Become a stand and pray volunteer
  • And/or become a sidewalk advocate
  • Become a "Bag Lady" and help provide supplies
  • Help us create a Baby Bottle Boomerang campaign at a church
  • Join us at one of our local events!

What is a stand and pray volunteer?

A stand and pray volunteer is a prayer warrior who signs up for a time (usually one hour) each week to come out the the Planned Parenthood clinic and pray. All you have to do is pray in the way you are most comfortable. You don't have to bring anything but yourself! If you would like to hold a sign we can have one available for you.

What is a sidewalk advocate?

A sidewalk advocate is a very important part of the pro-life movement. Their job is to speak to the women entering the clinic on both abortion days and non-abortion days. 

On abortion days the sidewalk advocate is someone who lovingly speaks to the men and women going in for an abortion. They offer help and alternatives to abortion. They are always calm and they peacefully speak to the mothers to try to help them and their unborn children. A sidewalk advocate can literally be an unborn baby's last chance of survival. Needless to say, they are the heroes of the pro-life movement. A sidewalk advocate, on abortion days, will also be there to minister to the women leaving the clinic after having an abortion. They need as much love and support as the pre-abortive woman. They now face a difficult road, with possibilities of Post Abortive Syndrome, depression, and destructive behavior. The sidewalk counselor is there to lovingly offer them resources for healing and forgiveness.

On non-abortion days a sidewalk advocate is just as important. They are there to expose the dangers of birth control and offer health facility alternatives to Planned Parenthood. They are also the first line of defense for those women who may be considering abortion. A sidewalk advocate will be there to offer help for anything a woman considering abortion may need.  

How do I become a sidewalk advocate?

To become a sidewalk counselor you must complete a 6-hour training course. In the course you will be taught how to speak to the women and men entering the clinic. You will learn what to say to the mothers entering for an abortion and what to do in different situations. We will provide you with all the brochures and supplies you need to become a sidewalk advocate - all you need to do is sign up to be trained!  (See SidewalkAdvocates.org for more info about the program.)

For more information about the next training session please email our sidewalk advocate trainer Cathy Nix: cathy@sacfl.org

How do I become a stand and pray volunteer?

To become a stand and pray volunteer you must sign a statement of peace. The statement of peace simply says that you, as a volunteer with the San Antonio Coalition for Life, agree to abide by any and all laws, to be peaceful and prayerful at all times, and to never yell or speak harshly to any abortion clinic staff or customers. Our goal is to peacefully and prayerfully end abortion in San Antonio.

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