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ROE V. WADE IS OVERTURNED! Read our statement below.

San Antonio Coalition for Life calls upon on the citizens of the state of Texas and of the United States to remain peaceful during this time of transition in the abortion laws for our country. We implore those who disagree with the current decision to refrain from violence and vandalism as these serve no purpose in a civilized society. It is precisely against the violence of abortion that we stand ready to help those in need.


San Antonio Coalition for Life will continue to offer help to women and men before, during, and after unexpected pregnancies through and our sidewalk outreach programs. Innocent preborn lives must be protected, and it is our mission to reach out to moms, dads, and babies through these challenging times. All human life is precious and must be defended beginning at conception.

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On September 14, 2020, our very own Cathy Nix, Program Director of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, was interviewed on the Guadalupe Radio Network.

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