Sidewalk Advocacy

What is Sidewalk Advocacy?

🌟 SACFL offers TWO Sidewalk Advocacy Programs! 40DFL Sidewalk Outreach & Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

SIDEWALK ADVOCACY is crisis intervention on the public right-of-way at the abortion facility. You actively encourage a woman to choose life, empowering her to leave, and reaching out to all present to bring about a conversion of heart from a culture of death to a culture of life, thereby ending abortion.

Traditionally known as “sidewalk counseling,” the term SIDEWALK ADVOCACY emphasizes the peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding methods of this ministry with love as its centerpiece.

Quite often, the only thing a woman in an unexpected pregnancy needs to hear is, “We’re here to help you. These comprehensive training, tools, and support programs equip our community with effective tips and strategies to meet the woman where she is and to be the gateway to life-affirming resources.

You might be wondering if there are people who refuse to take our offer of help? Yes, there are. But we believe that it still makes a difference that we are there also to pray for those families and for the preborn children in our community.

It is our hope and prayer that all Christians and those who choose to share in this mission will recognize the urgency of this call and respond generously in love.


❗❗ These trainings provide NO professional certifications and/or licensure as a "counselor" or otherwise. Those who complete the training should NOT -- as a result of these trainings -- represent themselves as "certified", "licensed", a "counselor", or the like.


Sidewalk Outreach training is simple, effective, and doable -- providing you with everything you need to offer help and hope to abortion-vulnerable women.

40 Days for Life Sidewalk Outreach training equips pro-lifers with the knowledge and confidence needed to provide loving outreach to abortion-minded women to help empower them to choose life by using such tools as the spiritual foundations of 40 Days for Life ministries, proven techniques for engaging abortion clients, and legal principles & practices. 

  • 40DFL Sidewalk Outreach Training consists of:
    • 4-hours In-Person Workshop 
    • 2 Weeks of Prayer Vigil Time with a Veteran Sidewalk Advocate

40 Days for Life: Sidewalk Advocacy OFFICIAL Site


Sidewalk Advocates for Life trains and equips local volunteers in sidewalk advocacy — that is crisis intervention for abortion-vulnerable women and men. Sidewalk advocacy is principally a peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding approach to pregnancy-help outreach outside abortion and abortion-referral facilities.  

SACFL's goal is to reach out in love to all present on the sidewalk to bring about a conversion of heart from a culture of death to a culture of life, thereby ending abortion. 

  • SACFL Training consists of:
    • 6-hours Online Training Modules
    • 1 - 2 Weeks of Shadowing a Veteran Sidewalk Advocate 

Sidewalk Advocates for Life OFFICIAL Website

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