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Proposition A was defeated Saturday, May 6th

by the citizens of San Antonio!

THANK YOU to all those who voted on these IMPORTANT ISSUES!


Amy O'Donnell -- Texas Alliance for Life Communications Director and former San Antonio resident -- had this to say:

We are tremendously pleased to see that San Antonio voters have defeated Prop A so decisively. Prop A would have been tragic for unborn children and victims of trafficking who would have been left without the protection from abortion they deserve by San Antonio police. Prop A was bad news for San Antonio churches, pro-life pregnancy centers, and businesses that would become easy targets for theft and vandalism. Prop A would have put the family culture that makes the city so vibrantly alive and beautiful at risk.

We hope this defeat sends a strong message to those activists seeking to circumvent statewide laws that protect unborn babies from abortion. Gimmicks, like the bundling of the decriminalization of abortion with other measures, did not work in San Antonio. Texans won't stand for it, and our cities deserve better.

Today, the will of San Antonio voters prevailed. And the will of voters across the state -- who spoke through their state elected officials when Texas enacted protective laws like the Human Life Protection Act -- has been affirmed., May 6th, 2023


On the Sidewalk Praying to End Abortion

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40 Days for Life 365

40 Days for Life has launched a new program of year-round presence on the sidewalk.  The goal is to cover the sidewalk every hour that the abortion facility is open. We are asking all of our participants to commit and sign up for an hour to pray.  

You can sign up to pray here!

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Sidewalk Intern Program

The Sidewalk Intern program is made of a group of talented young adults that stand in front of Planned Parenthood every hour that they are open. They give free gift bags and brochures for pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and other services. Interested in becoming a Sidewalk Intern? Click here for more info!

Suggested First Picture For Site 2 is a young woman's one-stop connection to FREE and Low-Cost reproductive healthcare in San Antonio and the surrounding area. There is info about where to find free ultrasounds and free pregnancy tests, healing after abortion, and how to contact local pregnancy care centers near you. Click here to check it out!


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Making a Difference in San Antonio

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Since February of 2020....


Gift Bags Distributed with Life-Affirming Information


Babies Saved from Abortion


Clients Referred for Other Health Care Needs


"Hopefuls" - Pregnant, Received Info, Is Considering Options


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Can you Adopt an Intern?

We need

20 people

to donate

$100 per month

to fund their salaries. 
We are grateful for all gifts! 
SACFL is 100% donor funded.




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Additional Sidewalk Interns


Additional Shifts Per Week at Planned Parenthood

Full Coverage

Of Prayer Warriors on the sidewalk for 40 Days for Life 365

2 Per Hour

Prayer Partners at Planned Parenthood

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Guadalupe Radio Interview - October 10, 2022



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Learn About Us
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Fetal Development
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Pregnant? Scared?
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40 Days for Life 365: We continue to STAND and PRAY!

We are covering every day that Planned Parenthood is open.  Join us.

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