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Roe v. Wade Overturned! Read our statement below.

San Antonio Coalition for Life calls upon on the citizens of the state of Texas and of the United States to remain peaceful during this time of transition in the abortion laws for our country. We implore those who disagree with the current decision to refrain from violence and vandalism as these serve no purpose in a civilized society. It is precisely against the violence of abortion that we stand ready to help those in need.


San Antonio Coalition for Life will continue to offer help to women and men before, during, and after unexpected pregnancies through and our sidewalk outreach programs. Innocent preborn lives must be protected, and it is our mission to reach out to moms, dads, and babies through these challenging times. All human life is precious and must be defended beginning at conception.


The pro-life movement maintains a vast network of pregnancy centers that offer free care. The movement is building maternity homes, backing child and adoption tax-credit expansion, supporting massive alternatives-to-abortion programs in Texas and as many other states as will enact them.


In the wake of Roe, more than 62 million unborn children have lost their lives to abortion. Texans -- especially women of childbearing age and women with unplanned pregnancies -- need to know about the vast resources available to protect unborn children and their mothers.


The Human Life Protection Act, House Bill 1280, will protect unborn babies from abortion after viability and before viability, as early as conception. Some call this the "trigger" law because its effective date is triggered by the Supreme Court's action.


Senate Bill 1, the General Appropriations Act, contains numerous provisions to provide substantial help to women -- especially low-income women with unplanned pregnancies. Hundreds of thousands of women receive support through these services each year and will continue to do so now that the Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade.


The Legislature appropriated $100 million, a 25 percent increase, for the current two-year budget toward the highly successful Alternatives to Abortion program. That program provides services for women facing unplanned pregnancies to assist them in carrying the baby to term, giving birth and keeping or placing the baby for adoption. Support is available for at least three years after birth. The principal contractor, Texas Pregnancy Care Network, runs a website directing clients to nearly 200 pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies across the state. The program serves 125,000 clients each year, far more than the 55,000 abortions in Texas in 2020.

Hundreds more privately funded centers and church-based programs offer similar services across Texas. 


Women's care at these centers includes pregnancy confirmation, counseling, moral support and services to free women from sex trafficking, domestic violence or substance abuse. The centers also provide maternity and baby clothes and diapers to clients. Budgeting, parenting and pregnancy classes, job skills training, and referrals to other government agencies are also available.


Medicaid Perinatal and Childbirth Care: For uninsured pregnant women with incomes up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level, the state's Medicaid program pays prenatal, childbirth and follow-up care for the mothers for six months and babies for 12 months.


The Texas Medicaid program pays for more than half the births in Texas, costing nearly $1.2 billion per year. The Child Health Insurance Program spends $135 million annually on perinatal care for unborn children.


Women's Health Program: The Legislature continued funding for various free for low-income women, appropriating $352 million over two years toward breast and cervical cancer screening, family planning, pregnancy testing, pelvic exams, sexually transmitted infection services, screening for and treatment of cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The website lists thousands of providers.


Critics of the state's efforts may point to faulty and discredited data to assert that Texas has terrible maternal mortality rates. However, more rigorous research found that the Texas' rates are far smaller than had been incorrectly claimed and are comparable to those of most other states. Certainly, concern remains, but we believe that problems such as maternal health, poverty, education and any number of others, as serious as they are, can be addressed without sacrificing the lives of thousands of innocent unborn children each year.


The Bottom Line: Texas' track record of taking care of Texas women and families by providing vast resources for females facing unplanned pregnancies and their children before, during, and after birth – is a record we can be proud of.


Reference - Houston Chronicle Opinion: I fought for a pro-life Texas. We can be proud of the resources for women and children. 


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On the Sidewalk Praying to End Abortion

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Sidewalk Intern Program

Young adults offer life-affirming options to the clients.  They give free gift bags and brochures for pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and other services.

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Resources in San Antonio and surrounding area for FREE and Low-Cost health care.


Making a Difference in San Antonio

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Since February of 2020....


Gift Bags Distributed with Life-Affirming Information


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"Hopefuls" - Pregnant, Received Info, Is Considering Options


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