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Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Good morning!  God is good!!  Mother Mary, pray for us!

What a joy for Susie and I to arrive at the sidewalk this morning about 7:45 a.m. for our 8-9 shift and to be met by Cathy Nix, Sage and Gloria, and soon to be joined by Jessica.  We had a vibrant, loving and uplifting hour, culminating with my Kathy connecting with a woman in a pickup truck and turning her to A Woman’s Haven!  Amen!

Cathy Nix was Johnny-on-the-spot handing me goodie bags behind my back as I did the time-tested “window roll motion” to stop 5 or 6 vehicles on the way in the north curb cut; some of whom had red, worried eyes and a sense of uncertainty on their face.  Please pray for the ladies and men who accompanied these ladies today onto the property.

We all got a good number of horn honks and waves, (and a few pointed fingers) reaffirming Pro-Life is alive in San Antonio.

Briana Alvarez, the young lady security person, was obviously told to be more active in directing drivers to continue and to not stop.  As always, she was pleasant but clearly more engaged with the vehicles.  As is now my and Briana’s theme, I reminded Briana that she and I have the same goal. . . to Protect and Save Lives and that I looked forward to seeing her next Wednesday.  Holy Spirit, plant yourself deep within Briana...she is a fine young lady.

As Susie and I left, and walked to our vehicle, we met the reinforcements, a (wise and seasoned - aka “elderly” like us) couple on the way to the sidewalk. They had their sign, rosaries, and a Knight of Columbus face mask!  We stopped, chatted, and proceeded in opposite directions, two by two.

Hail Mary, full of Grace...Can’t wait for next Wednesday morning...


Sam and Susie, Sidewalk Advocates for Life


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