The Blessing of a Belated Hug

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An amazing thing happened this Saturday while praying at Planned Parenthood. It was after 12:30pm and a sparse number of prayer warriors were on the sidewalk and I was one of them. I was standing in prayer directly across from the front door of the facility.

I did not notice a car pull up almost in front of me until one of the sidewalk counselors began speaking to a woman who had opened the car door and instead of heading into the facility, headed toward the sidewalk. I heard her say, "I want to talk to her" as she pointed at me. I looked up and did not recognize her. I was thinking "why me", but felt reassured as there was a smile on her face.

She approached and gave me a hug! I said, "Do I know you?" and she said, "We don't know each other, but I know you!" I am sure I had a puzzled look on my face. In the conversation that ensued, we discovered that she "knew" me because of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe's visit to her church.

She said she recognized me when she drove by and felt compelled to drive in and speak to me and deliver a message. She briefly told me her story of having two abortions and that she was aware of the people praying on the sidewalk at the time, but paid them no mind.

Now, years later she said she has been blessed with four beautiful children and she wanted to stop by and say, "PRAYER WORKS!!" The image of the people praying on the sidewalk stayed with her, and eventually the prayers led her to seek reconciliation and healing. She looked absolutely radiant and there were a couple of more hugs. The conversation was brief, but what a lift we all received from her effort. I watched as she drove off and thanked God and returned to prayer. It was not until late that night that I realized the impact of the unexpected, belated hug.

So while she gave me the hugs, they belong to all of us especially those who were on the sidewalk 10-15 years ago! The people on the sidewalk back then will never know the outcome of their prayers, and so it may be the same for us. We stand and pray and sometimes feel discouraged because no one walking in or out of Planned Parenthood pay us any mind. But here is a testimony that "PRAYERS DO WORK". So keep on coming to the sidewalk, keep on praying. God, in His time will work the miracle!

God bless all who pray at church, at home, in the office, in the car and especially those who pray in front of abortion clinics. Let us storm Heaven with prayer. Invite more to come to the sidewalk to stand as a witness to the beauty of life. Let us create an unforgettable image that in time (God's time) will bring many more belated hugs!


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