The Black Cadillac

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It’s funny (or maybe not) how Satan works.  Susie and I trudged our way on a cold weekday to the sidewalk.  What was in store for us today?. . .”Come Holy Spirit Come” we prayed as we walked up the side street, readying to turn right and serve Him for our 60 minutes. . .

Many vehicles came and went. . .it was cold, “relatively slow” I thought – “this isn’t so  bad” – then the thought of the One Lost Sheep came to mind.  He sacrificed Himself for that One; how dare I keep score or count. . .

Soon enough, The Black Cadillac quickly turned in ignoring my “crank the window down” sign as they entered the curb cut I manned.  “That’s ok, Susie will get them when they park,” I thought as my attention turned to the traffic on the street awaiting my next encounter.

As I tend to do, I watch – I look about that parking lot trying to keep one eye on the parkers and one eye on the street/arrivers.  Ne’er shall one escape me. . .was I resorting to “quantity over quality”?  Strange, the thoughts  that pass through one’s mind on the sidewalk. . .

As Susie and I “debriefed” each other on the way to our car after our 62 minutes (we stayed a few minutes more to chat with a prayer warrior), Susie shared with me her experience with The Black Cadillac.  Neither he nor she gave Susie the time of day as they parked, exited their luxury SUV and headed in. . .then, upon their exit from that place, the couple headed straight into Their Vehicle.  Surely, they were on their way out of there, mission accomplished.

Yet, maybe not?  Susie explained that The Black Cadillac, engine turned and lights on, stayed…parked…idling.  What was going on?  Susie prayed as she never prayed before, hoping the hearts therein were thawing. . .all the Holy Spirit needs is a sliver. . .a flicker of light. . .

Ultimately, “that huge SUV”, backed out and headed to the exit.  Susie anticipated the move and met them at the curb cut.  Surely, they’d have to stop for traffic; she could get their attention. . .

Not.  The Black Cadillac had a clear path and hit the street without a pause.  Susie was left in their rear view mirror.  My wife deserved better, I thought, as she shared the story.

I still think about The Black Cadillac today; I pray for its three passengers. . . “Trust, Surrender, Believe, Receive” keeps creeping in.  Thank you, Mother Theresa.  Looking forward to next week.

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