Wounded Warriors

November 18, 2011 - 9:00am

Today's blog post comes from an amazing woman, Cathy Kerr.  She is one of my personal heroes!  As a post abortive woman, she has been an amazing leader for helping young women to see the truth of abortion.  Cathy currently serves as the Regional Coordinator for Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

"I met a woman on the sidewalk today.  A group of pro-life prayer warriors gathered in front of a Planned Parenthood facility to stand against the death of innocent babies in the womb.  I always watch my fellow prayer partners as they pray and reach out to the young women who enter that building, and I am encouraged by their presence and their witness to life. 

As she was leaving, this particular woman stopped and talked to me.  She said, “Thank you for your sign (I Regret My Abortion).  I know what that means.  I’ve been there.”  She had tears in her eyes as we talked.  I asked her if she had been to a retreat for healing, and she said no, but she felt that she needed that, as she had not yet come to terms with her abortion.  It has been many years since her abortion.  I hugged her and gave her my card. 

As I continued to stand there and pray, I included her in my prayers.  She is not the first woman I have met on the sidewalk who has had an abortion.  Once we realize the gravity of our sin, we feel compelled to do something to atone for it.  We are the wounded warriors who know exactly what is going on in that dark building.  This is not an easy thing to do.  I am reminded of the novel “The Scarlet Letter,” in which Hester Prynne must wear a bright red letter “A” on her chest as a symbol of her sin.  Her letter symbolized adultery; mine symbolizes abortion. 

 I am so grateful to those who support the efforts of those of us in the Silent No More Awareness movement, and particularly for those who have given me words of love and encouragement.  For so many years, as this woman on the sidewalk shared with me, we felt that we had no support and no alternatives.  We accept responsibility for our sins, but we also realize that we must no longer remain silent about what is going on.  Abortion hurts unborn children, women, men and families.

It is Christ who gives us the courage and the grace to do what we do.  We thank all of you in the pro-life movement for your support, love and encouragement.  May we soon see an end to this tragedy."

Cathy Kerr Regional Coordinator Silent No More Awareness Campaign