October Baby Movie Night A Success

August 30, 2012 - 3:02pm

This past Saturday we had about 175 people in attendance at the special pre-release showing of October Baby. Many lives were touched and hearts were healed watching this powerful movie of forgiveness.

Lorna said about the movie, "I think that the perspective of a victim of a failed abortion is pretty unique and powerful, because it's probably the next best thing to having the babies talk (which we can't have). We hear so much about the mothers' choice and well-being, but not enough about the child that they are carrying, and what they can grow up to be. I enjoyed it and thought it was powerful because it gave our [prolife efforts] a different angle (at least, than I had seen/hear much about) and approach.

Another in attendance who knows of two neighbors that have experienced abortion said she "can see the psychological effects on them both in addictions that they now have and in their relationship with each other." She was "excited to share this movie with them and suggest that they see it so that they might experience the healing the movie expressed." She "especially loved the special features for that reason."

One lady said she was so excited to see so many young people at the movie. She has been "prolife since the first day of Roe v. Wade" but now sees that her generation has done all that they can and thinks we need the younger generation to step up with their new ideas and passion.

Sara said, “I think it's helpful on multiple levels--helpful to share with pro-choice friends as an illustration of the harmful effects of abortion and the reality that it isn't "just tissue". It's a child. It's helpful for healing for those who have experienced abortion, for those who struggle with feeling wanted, for anyone who needs to hear the message of forgiveness and that their life is indeed beautiful and special.

And I think in a particular way it's helpful for the courageous volunteers of the prolife movement, to offer them hope--that the work they are doing is not in vain, it is not forgotten, it is not worthless. Hearts are changing, lives are being saved and people are taking notice. Tools like this movie are being added to our toolbox so we have to keep building up the Kingdom one mother, father and baby at a time.” 

Cathy Kerr joined us to talk about her ministry Silent No More. Mary Ann Parks said a few words about Project Rachel as well.

Special thanks to:

St. Mark's staff: Dorothy, Zulaika, Mr. Juan
Mary Ann Parks - Project Rachel Cathy Kerr - Silent No More Sara, Lorna, David, Bob, Donna - set up crew
Paola - promotions
Cece Smith, SmithPrint Inc. - promotion materials
Anna Gomez - concessions