The research is staggering when looking at the numbers for San Antonio and Bexar County. In 2010 Bexar County posted a birth rate among teens ages 15-17 of 30.2, while Texas had a rate of 29.2. Comparatively, the nation’s average rate was 17.3 among teens ages 15-171. This means that in 2010, among teen births, Bexar county had a higher birthrate than the national average. In a culture where sexual promiscuity is often adored and even expected, young people can be overwhelmed by such pressure. Instead of hearing about the dignity of the human person as God created us, we see advertisements and literature like that of Planned Parenthood.

And it starts young. You can research the information on such occasions as the supposed link between Planned Parenthood and Girl Scouts. We can also see Planned Parenthood’s sickening “Happy, Healthy, Hot” and promotion of the sexually graphic book “It’s Perfectly Normal” as they are pushed into the hands of youth. So with all of this drive toward Planned Parenthood’s goal of “three to five abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18” (Carol Everett, former Planned Parenthood Director) we shouldn’t be surprised by the abortion statistics in our country. However, the numbers are still shocking. In analyzing the latest reported birth rates in Bexar County compared to the number of abortions reported (see chart below), we can conclude that 23% of Greater San Antonio is being lost to abortion! 

This figure doesn’t even take into account those abortions caused by hormonal contraceptives that often act as abortifacients or abortions that are hidden by the abortion industry due to undocumented migrants or situations involving under age women. Approximately 1 out of 4 children are being lost to abortion here in San Antonio and surrounding cities that don’t have abortion facilities.

This is exactly why we do what we do. Twice as many mothers and fathers are experiencing the painful agony of such a decision to abort their child. Those parents have to carry this burden for years, often their lifetime. On top of the loss of life and the painful effect, many more medical issues, as a side effect of abortion, must be treated and many more relationships and marriages have a much greater susceptibility to heartbreak and divorce.

Crisis pregnancy centers, women’s assistance centers and prolife doctors make a remarkable impact. But how do these men and women in crisis know about them? What intervention is there at that last moment as women walk to the door of these facilities? No other organization in San Antonio is on the front lines of this issue like we are. We are present peacefully and prayerfully to offer loving alternatives to abortion. We are there to eliminate this 23% mortality rate, saving lives and hearts.

There are currently 11 abortion providing or referral facilities in San Antonio.

7 facilities perform abortions as late as 20 weeks while the remaining 4 provide emergency contraceptives (morning-after pill) and provide referrals for abortions.